DIONE: DIsmissal & unfavourable treatment of WOmen in Greek Workplace : Adopting an INtegrated and SystEmic approach of intervention (Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme)


The project will address the current and emerging challenges with regards to the phenomenon of dismissing women during and after pregnancy, as well as unfavourable treatment due to parenthood leave, by establishing a virtual one-stop-shop, supporting all not only women who have been victims of discriminatory approach, but also competent public authorities & other labour market actors.


  1. Supporting public authorities in tackling discriminatory behaviors in the labour market
  2. Informing women & employers/ HR professionals about rights & obligations
  3. Supporting victims of discrimination in pursuing their rights


Four activities of intervention

  1. Background analysis of the national legal & regulatory framework & the existing labour market practices
  2. Development of an online platform supporting affected parties
  3. Promotion of the online platform to all target groups, including public authorities & social stakeholders
  4. Dissemination/ awareness raising

Six types of deliverables

  1. Manual on the Rights of Parents
  2. Report on labour market practices & evaluation of Greek legal & regulatory framework
  3. Online interactive platform
  4. Training curricula
  5. Policy recommendations

Dissemination activities

  1. 20 Exhibitions
  2. 20 Info Days
  3. 3 Roundtables
  4. 1 International Conference
  5. 1 social media campaign

Head of Section


Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise