Education & Training

Modern societies are knowledge driven. They tend to require different and better skills and competences that need to be enriched throughout working life. Within this tentative environment, reforms in general, higher education and VET systems, providing better access to labor market, are a necessity.

In an even faster changing working environment the demand for better curricula with enriched learning outcomes, linked to the market needs have become a significant variable of the growth process. Life Long Learning has become a familiarity for those who want to remain competitive and maintain or improve their career options. Within this context, new concepts have evolved and new technics and methodologies have been developed, enhancing workforce competitiveness, and establishing a permanent feedback loop between market needs and adjustment of Training and Education Schemes.

Hence, Training Needs Assessment and Analysis is a unique methodology that embraces the fundamentals of Project Circle Management providing the required background for interventions in the areas of Education and Training. Quality is being served through the enhanced Certification Options provided at National and Transnational Level and the development of EQF and NQF.

Thus, New Occupational Profiles have been developed and new Training Modules have been designed, forming new modern Curricula that are being designed using modern methodologies (i.e. DACUM), resulting to a more competitive workforce, supporting economic growth. The last is being served through innovative procedures and training schemes, including the Dual System and new forms of Apprenticeships, delivered to enterprises, regardless their size.

We, at EEO Group are in the epicenter of the developments, providing our services, knowledge and in house expertise at both Transnational and National Level, to Administrations and to Private Education and Training Institutions.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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