Research - Surveys & Statistical Analysis

Research, desk and filed research as well as the collection of data are used in qualitative and quantitative analysis in the area of policy making and consultancy as a tool for the successful implementation of strategies, policies, initiatives and suggestions for successful policy reforms. It is true that when the triangle approach of precise information, use of statistics for the development of evaluations, indicators, target values and baselines the complex policy formulations are better understood by suggesting and delivering solutions, identifying and managing of risks and preventing future inconvenient situations.

Following these simple, interesting but argumentative steps, EEO Group has administered a vast majority of thematic studies, interviews and surveys accompanied with statistical analysis for a wide spectrum of areas such as vocational education and training, introduction and building of occupational profiles, evaluation of HRD activities and technical assistance to Human Development Authorities, capacity building, skills and qualification mismatches from education to the labour market, needs assessment for the public and private sector, support entrepreneurial development, socio-economic development, and on health and social security with special attention to disadvantaged groups.

Examples of EEO projects

Impact Assessment of the Professional Qualifications System on Human Resources and Enterprises in Cyprus 2009-2010; EEO Group S.A. conducted the evaluation of impacts of the Professional Qualifications System on Human Resources and Enterprises in Cyprus with the specific activities of Pilot Field Research

Methodology, recording and assessment of good practices of ESF interventions within the NSRF 2007-2013 in the framework of the project “Thematic Evaluation Studies”; the methodology was delivered through the development of a methodological framework for determining selection criteria and promoting good practice though mapping of the current situation and the organizing and carrying out of field research for a framework methodology for selecting and promoting good practice

The application of learning outcomes approaches across Europe - a comparative overview; The study mapped and analyzed how learning outcomes approaches are influencing European education and training policies and practices. It covered 33 countries taking part in the EU 2020 process and aims in particular to gather evidence on developments in the last five years and the impact of these on lifelong and life-wide learning.

Study for the mapping of higher education in the country; The main aim is the mapping of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of academic education in the country and the institutional framework of the established departments. EEO provided on data collection, mapping study, Development of a computer database where all information was able to be edited and extracted through questions and correlations, explored for the academic profile sections.

Feasibility study and analytical planning and implementation plan of the new apprenticeship system in Cyprus; EEO GROUP was responsible for the analysis of the current situation of the apprenticeship system (AS), estimates and projections for the demand needs for the AS, propose different scenarios of the organisation and operation of the AS system, analysis of the different scenarios, including the technical and economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis, comparative analysis and submission of a proposal for the most effective choice so as to finally design of the New Apprenticeship System in Cyprus.

Relevant Fields

~ Training Needs Assessment
~ Skills Mismatches
~ Labour Market and Employment
~ National / European Qualifications Framework
~ Quality Assurance
~ In situ observation – Site visits
~ Social Entrepreneurship
~ Green Economy
~ Migration / Refugees / Asylum seekers
~ Capacity building
~ Policy development

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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