Provision of technical assistance for the implementation of the project “Development and operation of Offices acting as a liaison between Business/ Industry and the various Universities in the Republic of Cyprus”- Unit 3 Frederick University


The University of Cyprus coordinates the Project “Development and operation of Offices acting as a liaison between Business/ Industry and the various Universities in the Republic of Cyprus”, approved and funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Specifically, the Project concerns the establishment and operation of Liaison Offices with Businesses, in each of the six universities in the Republic of Cyprus with the aim of attaining a better and stronger communication and cooperation between Businesses/Industries and Universities on subjects such as, technology transfer, promotion of applied research responding to specific industrial problems, collaboration in research programmes, placement of students in Industry and, generally the promotion of innovation in Business and the Universities in Cyprus.

EEO Group was contracted to provide TA to the University of Cyprus for the management and implementation of the project related to one of the six Universities: Frederick University in Nicosia.

The main strategic aims of the Project are:

  • The establishment of a network of model offices for liaison between the academic and business worlds.
  • The utilisation and exploitation of the results of University innovation by the Cypriot Business.
  • The enhancement of the employment potential of students and graduates resulting from their contact with Business during their studies.

At the same time, an additional aim is the spread of an entrepreneurial culture that will promote cooperation with other entities supporting technologically innovative business in Cyprus.
By means of a wide publicity campaign, the Project will come to the attention of the Business community as well as the general public.


  • Study for the strategic development and operation of the Liaison Offices
  • Creation of an operating Manual and “Toolbox” for the Liaison Offices
  • Manual of specialised consultancy services available to Industry from the Universities
  • Integrated framework for student placement
  • Educational material for the development of an entrepreneurial culture
  • Study for the establishment of a legal framework and incentives for the commercialisation of research results
  • Study for standardisation of Liaison Office premises
  • Publicity effort and informative publicity material
  • Creation of a Web page
  • Creation of the Data Base of the Project

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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