Erasmus+: JUGGLING MOTHERHOOD AND PROFESSION ( KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of good practice).


To respond to unskilled mothers’ request of help to find a job, social professionals working in public and private establishments need to set up complex and multilayered methods of social intervention: in first place they need to be able to rely on innovative practices capable to address the social/emotional/relational roots of the unskilled mothers’ unemployment or inactivity challenges.
JUMP will therefore develop (PHASE 1) coaching/training tools addressed to social professionals to assist them in their daily activities with women belonging to disadvantaged groups.
These modules, designed also following existing best practices, will allow social professional to better identify recipients’ recurrent underlying challenges (parenting issues, socio/cultural/linguistic hindrance to labour market integration, etc.) as well as recipients’ valuable assets that can be mobilized to boost their capabilities (relational capital, skills acquired through motherhood, potentialities related to their socio/cultural specificities, etc.).
Learning modules will be then used (PHASE 2) by a large sample social professionals from Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia to develop individualized coaching paths addressed to disadvantaged mothers (ca 150) with the aim to: increase their resiliency skills; activate processes of self-evaluation; provide relational assets and information to be used as capability boosters; provide skills and self-reflective capacities to re-arrange care tasks, when needed, in order to achieve labour market outcomes.


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  • Coordination and implementation of all phases of the analysis
  • Preliminary internal check on quality of work delivered, to be assessed through the peer-to peer evaluation
  • Analyzing & merging data and writing down reports 
  • Definition of the methodological framework to define a "practice" for the purposes of the project (working tool made available on the portal, for Further use by interested institutions)
  • Definition of procedure and tools for the collection and sharing of information (e.g. available documentation, questionnaires, desk research, Video/audio interviews)
  • Provision of a sample of practices
  • Co-definition of priorities to be specifically investigated regarding social workers working practices
  • Co-definition of the investigation grid addressed to social professionals
  • Co-definition of the interview grid with a sample of employers
  • Analysis of inputs from all local interviews/focus (local testing of guidelines
  • Scientific Review
  • Preparation of training modules
  • Provide content and fine-tuning of webinar topics
  • Dissemination activities
  • Preparation of regional conference on opportunities for social professionals and vulnerable women

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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