Pilgrimage - From knowledge transfer to autonomous learning


The ‘pilgrimage' project aims to connect teachers, develop supporting materials and exchange experiences in order to improve teaching and learning. Adult learners benefit from a learning environment in which new learning experiences get connected with existing knowledge, experiences or insights.

The ‘canon' will contain materials, which equip teachers and trainers in their shift from lecturing to the orchestration of learning. In the learning process teachers and trainers have at their disposal six critical success factors, which enable them to arrange learning. These ‘shrines' are: learning environment, learning location, teaching/training methods, assessment techniques, information and communications media/technology, and curriculum (interdisciplinary) opportunities. Teachers and trainers can manage and develop each shrine for learning purposes.

The project aims to improve participation in and the quality of adult education by equipping teachers with didactical approaches that will enable them to promote autonomous learning.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To create a partnership of organisations based across the EU, which have a track record of innovative practice and are well connected to national and international networks
  • To review and evaluate interesting practice in each of the partner countries and identify activities and approaches that meet the goal of developing autonomous learners
  • To promote and monitor use of these activities and approaches within the partner organisations and their associated networks
  • To gather evidence of innovative practices using the methods identified within our toolbox concept as appropriate to the context
  • To develop standards for teachers and learners that indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding required to achieve a successful learning outcome using the innovative practices
  • To plan for and manage a series of workshops hosted by each partner organisation to act as a focus for the work of the project and as a mechanism for sharing emerging themes and ideas with wider audiences: the “refuge’s”
  • To disseminate the outcomes across national and international adult education networks


  • Research concerning the current situation of autonomous learning in Greece.
  • Development of a conceptual framework of standards
  • Development of a toolbox with 18 different examples of didactical approaches
  • Support to the creation of the project’s website
  • Creation and development of the project logo and flyer
  • Production of 4 videos with examples of didactical approaches
  • Conduction of 2 workshops in Athens for adult learners in the field of autonomous learning
  • Organisation of a partners meeting in Athens and participation in 4 partners meetings across Europe
  • Promotion and dissemination of results across the EU

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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