IMPACT: Improving your profile - Reducing your footprint (GRUNDTVIG Project)


The IMPACT project (Project Number: 517928-LLP-1-2011-1-GR-GRUNTVIG-GMP) is funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2011, and coordinated by EEO Group S.A. The main aims of the project are to:

  • Develop and implement novel learning and teaching approaches, and strategies that foster the key competencies/transversal skills of employees in SMEs, in particular their use of digital technology, learning to learn skills and capacity for enterprise, which impact on their future employability
  • Raise employee understanding of business processes through involvement in a work-based learning programme that utilise the growing awareness of environmental impact issues, in particular no-cost or low-cost energy saving measures
  • Develop and implement an adult trainer training programme that uses a ‘modelling the method’ approach, which will enable them to gain understanding of the content and teaching methodology of a flexible learning course designed to engage employees and foster the support of employers in SMEs.


    • Set up an online management tool (open source) that will enable the partners to communicate, share resources and develop materials remotely throughout the lifetime of the project
    • Develop a train the trainers programme based on ‘Carrying out an Initial Environmental Review’, designed to enable teaching staff to carry out an environmental review of their own work context whilst at the same time experiencing constructivist methodologies they can use with their learners
    • Implement the train the trainers programme through a blended learning approach involving 2-3 core staff from each partner utilising open learning materials and internet based support as well as face-to-face training sessions
    • Support the core staff in each partner to develop one of the modules of the student training course, ‘Reducing Your Environmental Impact’, in a blended learning format and translate the whole course into each of the target languages
    • Recruit local SMEs to participate in the piloting, testing and monitoring of the student training course and to allow 1 or more of their employees to carry out an onsite initial environmental review
    • Incorporate assessment techniques that enable the validation of key competences acquired through informal/non-formal methods/contexts
    • Set up the piloting, testing and monitoring phase with the group of employees used in the previous phase, supported by their employer, in order to refine the course content and methodology prior to wider dissemination
    • Assist effective wider dissemination through undertaking the activities described in the corresponding working package in order to increase the impact of the project

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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