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EEO has formed the Social Policy & Health operating group to expand services to health care, government and public service organizations. Areas of experience and expertise include: strategic planning and management; health communication; feasibility studies and capacity assessments; development and implementation. EEO serves health, government and other public service organizations worldwide providing a broad range of consulting, technology, system integration and business processing services. The company counts experience of more than seven years in the domain of health and the total amount of the budget for the projects which were implemented within the last five years period is 1,6 M Euro.

EEO Group was responsible for the implementation of the Support Mechanism of the Reform Programme “Health for the Citizen”. EEO provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Health within the framework of the Operational Programme Health and Welfare 2000-2006. This was a major 4 year technical assistance project in the health sector. EEO provided among others the following services: Programming of all the necessary interventions for the accomplishment of the reform objectives set out by governmental policy, operational planning of the interventions at the level of projects and actions, training of the Ministry the staff and capacity building for monitoring the actions undertaken by the reform programme, support to the Ministry of Health and all supervised organizations in using programming tools for the monitoring of projects, development of the monitoring and evaluation system for all projects, web-based Information System developed and installed in the Ministry for the monitoring of the Reform Programme.

Administrative Support Mechanism for the “Olympic Games 2004-Health” [Ministry of Health and Welfare] can be considered as another success story of EEO Group which falls into Social Policy & Health Category. The Administrative Support Mechanism for the implementation of Operational Program of “Olympic Games 2004 – Health” was established to ensure that the Health System of the country would satisfy with plenitude and quality the medical needs of Olympic and Paralympics Games. In the framework of this project, EEO Group offered the following services: optimisation of existing administrative policies and procedures and formulation of an action plan for the installation of new methods, technical services for the monitoring of the entire OP Legal support to the Operational Programme, establishment of a monitoring system, on-going evaluation of the project, reporting to Ministry of Health and Welfare, Committee of Monitoring of OP and all involved Institutions.

The services provided by EEO include, among others, Technical Support for the Hellenic Centre for Infectious Diseases (HCID) for the Olympic Games 2004. In more depth, the specific actions are understanding and analysing fundamental tasks of the enrolled projects, supporting the programming of the enrolment of new projects in the O.P. “Olympic Games 2004-Health”, updating and changing the Technical Fiches of Projects whenever necessary, analysing actions with the use of timetables, correlating actions with specific administrative units of the HCID, detecting milestones, suggesting improvement actions, problem solving procedures and ways to promote the effectuation of projects, supporting HCID to fill in the Monthly Progress Reports of the enrolled projects.

In the framework of the project “Provision of supporting services to the Public Company for Hospital Units Building (DEPANOM A.E.)”, EEO modified the Management system, provided an analytical evaluation system of the results and the impacts of the actions undertaken, an analytical system of risk identification and assessment, a report on the ICT needs in view of the implementation of the coordinating system of the Heath Sector and submitted monthly reports on the planned and undertaken tasks.

In addition, EEO Group drafted an evaluation the research work conducted in the Greek hospitals. The study aimed at the assessment of the budget distribution and relevant data, as well as figures related to personnel and resources, involved in scientific research activities carried out by the Greek public hospitals during the year 2004. The research was implemented through interviews and semi-structured questionnaires answered by the directors of departments in the pathology, surgical and psychiatric sectors in the Greek hospitals. The results of the study helped in providing valuable data for the R&D activities in the Greek hospitals in comparison with the relevant situation in the EU.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


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