Technical Assistance

EEO has a rich track record on Technical Assistance. EEO undertakes projects at European, national and local level.

In Turkey, Technical Assistance for Supporting the Institutional Capacity of the Human Resources Development Operating Structure (HRD OS) and the Operation Beneficiaries, Information and Publicity was provided during the period 2015-2017 for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

In Greece, Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs for the strategic planning and programming in the framework of the new programming period 2014-2020. The objective of the technical assistance services of EEO Group is to contribute to the planning of priorities of the interventions by the Ministry of Education for the new programming period and to supplement and enrich the related planning mechanisms with consultation with the relevant national and regional bodies. Furthermore, EEO Groups was responsible for the Technical Assistance for the Support of the Implementation of the National System for Linking Vocational Education and Training to Employment (ESSEEKA), for the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and for three years in total (from 2010 until 2013). In more depth, EEO Group was in charge for the technical assistance services to the Task Committee and to the PIU for its successful and effective operation (programme of transfer of know-how, report on training programmes to the staff of the PIU delivered, design of an effective human resources management system, design of an effective financial management system, revision and update of the internal code of operation of the PIU, etc.)

In Cyprus, Provision of Technical Assistance for the Management, Monitoring and Implementation of all activities of the Project: “Further Strengthening and Modernization of the Public Employment Service of Cyprus” completed successfully within the years 2012-2016 for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Technical assistance to the staff of the Department, both for the preparation and during the full implementation of the project activities and support for the organization and management. Additionally, Provision of technical assistance for the implementation of the project “Development and operation of Offices acting as a liaison between Business/ Industry and the various universities in the Republic of Cyprus” completed by EEO Group within the period 2012-2015. Another project implemented during 2006-2008 was the provision of Technical assistance for the development of a network for the national employment service for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Labour Division with main services for the organisation, management and monitoring of the Project, for the scientific support in specialised categories, such as constant monitoring of the officials employed in the Labour Division, support of the officials that are going to be appointed in the framework of the project, etc., for the training of the officials that are going to be appointed at the Provincial and Local Employment Labour Offices and of the staff of the National Employment Service in issues of management, organisation and monitoring of the - activities of the Project.

- Preparation and submission of Management Deliverables, such as quarterly reports on the progress of the physical output and monthly reports on the progress of the financial output, quarterly reports on the progress of each activity of the project, etc.

In Serbia, the project for EEO Group was the Technical assistance for enhancing data management, forecasting and evaluation capacity of the National Employment Service, for one year and a half (March 2010 until October 2011) for the EU Delegation. The development of methodology and internal documents for research and forecasting of labour market trends and the evaluation of active labour market programmes Among the results were among the main results of the project.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


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