Teach Innovation Best (T.I. Best) – Lifelong Learning Programme - GRUNTVIG learning partnerships


Teach Innovation  Best - T.I. Best is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership that comes from a group of organizations of various kinds. Partnership aim is to improve transversal skills of disadvantaged target and of those involved in their education in order to contribute to the fight to unemployment in Europe.

The project intend to investigate the issue of Innovation in SMEs, in order to identify the best examples of innovative business and carry out a study on best practices of transferring the results to adults learner who wish to become or are entrepreneurs actually. The action will pay particular attention to different target groups of unemployed people, such as young people, women, immigrants, over fifty and people with disabilities.

Partnership intends to contribute to the development of entrepreneurial skills and to the diffusion of innovation in SMEs of partners territories and, thanks to communication tools and dissemination put in place by the partnership, we hope that will produce results all around Europe too.

Additional objectives are improvement of partners organizations performance, cooperation between organizations involved in adult education at local and European level and innovative training services and products.


  • Research on field about best examples of innovative SMEs/companies in all partner territories
  • Research on the best way to transfer the learning results
  • Pilot test about results achieved
  • Self-evaluation and monitoring activities
  • Communication and dissemination
  • Exchange of good practises through meetings and workshops

Head of Section


Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise