Click Clever: Social Education per Tardivi Digitali (KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Sector Skills Alliances)


The objective of the Project is to test innovative actions aimed at increasing citizens’ ability to think critically about contents they receive through social media, including contents originated by traditional media; increasing users’ awareness of the truthfulness of on-line information and at the same time promoting more responsible use of the internet; and testing the feasibility and usefulness of such actions. Critical thinking includes, among other skills, the ability to distinguish information from propaganda, to deconstruct media communication and to interact through social media in a responsible way.


  1. Turn the digital immigrants into informed digital citizens, ready to act in e-spaces like social networks that also help people to express themselves and their values and to build a personal and social identity
  2. Create a digital culture
  3. Promote among adults an informative experience towards communications and relationships on Internet and social networks discouraging adult cyberbullying
  4. Contribute in making the Web a better place to ‘live’ for everybody in order to spoil all its opportunities
Expected Results
  1. Prevent Digital ignorance
  2. Improve the quality of relationships on social networks
  3. Empower civil society organizations and grass-root movements in their activities countering hate speech online and in the development of effective counter-narratives
  4. Increase awareness and media literacy of the general public on online hate speech and boosting perception of the issue

Four Intellectual Outputs

  1. Creation of online multilingual materials and interactive tools to improve the capacities of citizens to acquire a critical understanding of information/images accessed via social media and how to interact with them
  2. Capacity GAP Analysis to achieve deep analysis about the digital illiteracy among digital immigrants
  3. Training Development with the use of a toolkit and a set of web courses specifically designed for adult teachers and digital immigrants
  4. Testing and Valuation Activities including guidelines for the future use of training created for the Social Education. Produced outputs will be tested on at least 200 people of the Target group, from the five Countries of the partnership

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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