Erasmus +: Made in EU: Building advanced media literacy competences and digital skills of low-skilled adults 45+ through social media (KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices)


The project promotes inclusive growth and cohesive society, through the exchange of best practices, experiences, and strategies in adult education, in the framework of technological, economic and migratory change, that are transforming both our society, both the labor market, which requires new skills and constant knowledge updates. Small ‘vulnerable” groups of adults excluded or de-motivated to take part in lifelong learning have been identified as well as their training needs in terms of key and soft skills.


  1. The exchange of good practices as well as the examination of methods and
    strategies in order to develop new effective methods and tools for adult learning.
  2. Analysis of causes and contribute to reducing the barriers between those who are
    included or excluded from education permanently.
  3. The promotion of skills acquisition from adults, with particular attention to groups
    at risk of social exclusion, encouraging the welfare and participation in social and
    democratic life
  4. The raise of local actors’ awareness, in the involved countries, on the need for
    effective action to adult learning.


  1. Analysis of the causes of social exclusion and in local contexts of the partners involved and the role of training / education in adults
    who are at risk of social exclusion
  2. Studies on adult education models and exchange of good practice on adult learning using non-formal methods
  3. Set up of a group of adult learners and a questionnaire in order to identify their training needs, about the basic and digital skills
  4. Development and implementation of “training modules” for adult education linked to the key and digital skills, by using the peer to peer
    approach, the andragogical method, and learning by doing
  5. Creation of innovative tools that can be used for adult education based on non-formal education methods (website content Guidelines
    -booklets and apps).
  6. Dissemination of results and good practices emerged from the project and research on possible connections between formal and nonformal
    education for adults

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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