BI – New: Building Inclusion through New Learning Methodology (KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education- Exchanges of Practices)


The aim of the project is to elaborate innovative methodology and open educational resources for mental arithmetic using Abacus, a board for calculating. Mental arithmetic promotes the development of invaluable soft skills, such as teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking. The use of mental arithmetic is a unique way of calculating arithmetic problems by the system of oral calculation, while at the same time it promotes and develops concentration, memory, imagination, logic. The MMA will be possible to be used in all kinds of educational levels – from kinder garden to higher education, as well as in nonformal education.


  1. The elaboration of innovative methodology for work with Abacus that will develop equally children’s both brain semi spheres.
  2. The preparation and deliverable of a set of educational resources and materials to promote and support the effective use of mental arithmetic concepts
  3. The development and examination of a Repository with exercises and tools for work with Abacus.
  4. The synthesis of Abacus Portal with options for generating own, with various difficult and type, additional exercises.


3 Intellectual Outputs:

  1. Methodology for Mental Arithmetic (MMA)
  2. Repository with exercises, tools, and evaluation materials form mental arithmetic (RMMA)
  3. Abacus Portal with Generator of Exercises

6 Multiplier Events:

  1. National multiplier event with demonstration in Bulgaria
  2. National multiplier event with demonstration in Greece
  3. National multiplier event with demonstration in Italy
  4. National multiplier event with demonstration in Poland
  5. National multiplier event with demonstration in Spain
  6. National multiplier event with demonstration in Turkey

6 Learning/ Teaching/ Training Activities:

  1. School Education Bulgaria
  2. School Education Greece
  3. School Education Italy
  4. School Education Poland
  5. School Education Spain
  6. School Education Turkey

Head of Section


Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise