Support of the First Reception Mobile Unites operation for the first reception procedures in areas that are under pressure by high migration flows


Continuous and specialized technical and advisory support for the overall management of the co-funded project.
Identify clearly and precisely the procedures that should be followed in order to achieve successful and efficient completion of the project.
Effectively support the writing and making of budget amendments of the project in order to maximize absorption of EU funding.
Completion and submission of the technical report and support the external auditor in the completion of final financial report.
Organization and control of the Coordinator’s cooperation framework with the project partners (MDM & Medical Intervention).

Regular collection of technical, economic and financial data from each one of those involved in the project (NGOs), monitoring them and registering them in the project monitoring system to reflect the Project progress.
Organization and participation in all meetings that is required for the proper Project implementation.
Control of procurement procedures and provide advice for the overall procedures that should be implemented.
Implementing the agreed action plan to the agreed standards and deadlines.
Ongoing evaluation of project activity and reporting on project progress.
 Control the classification of eligible costs of the project and the process of issuing notices and tendering.
Support the submission of NGO funding requests and contribute in the payment documentation control process.
    Project Manager: Grassos Theodoros
  • Overall supervision and administration of the Coordinator's Project
  • Allocation of tasks, guides and coordination of the Project Team.
  • Secure the quality of the project team’s work and project deliverables.
  • Monitor compliance with the schedule and update if necessary.
  • Participation in workshops conducted within the project (internal project team, with the Contracting Authority, between the Project Team and Beneficiaries of Project).
  • Responds to possible requests from the Contracting Authority for meeting at headquarters and solve problems and needs that arise during the project implementation.
  • Collaboration with the Contracting Authority's Project Manager for the administration of the project and members of the other beneficiaries of the project on any issue arise.
  • Participation in the implementation of the project management system
  • Participation in all Work Packages and deliverables of the project
  • Specialist: Tsimbis Georgios
  • Provide support to the Project Team for monitoring issues and financial management of the Project.
  • Collaboration with the Project Manager and Working Group members.
  • Participation in the work of the Project Team and deliverables according to the Project Manager instructions.
  • Participation in the Designation of Management System and in direct cooperation with the PM. and the Contracting Authority.
  • Organization the Training Program participating as a speaker at this.
  • Participation in all occasional meetings necessary for the implementation of the Project.
  • Participation in the design of forms and information tools for monitoring the project.
  • Provide specialized advice for the procurement procedures.
  • Support for possible proposals to amend the Project’s budget.
  • Technical advice and checking the classification of eligible costs
  • Project Team: Rapti Konstantina
  • Provide support to the Contracting Authority.
  • Perform the functions and tasks assigned to them by the Project Manager.
  • Cooperation with the officers of the Contracting Authority and the co-beneficiaries of the Projects and participation in workshops that have been held within the project.
  • Participation in all Work Packages and deliverables of the Contractor's work. In particular:
  • Provide continuous and specialized technical and advisory support in First Reception Service and other partners.
  • Monthly collection of economic data (certified expenditure, payments, unpaid obligations) for the preparation and sending of monthly, quarterly and annual data to the Public Investment Programme and for preparing the annual budget (funding needs) of PIP
  • Preparing proposals, presentations and support to possible budget amendments.
  • Provide technical advice and checking the classification of eligible costs.
  • Important contribution in the Final Technical Report of the Project.
  • Support in the preparation of the Final Financial Report of the Project.
  • Participation in workshops according to the planning that is confirmed between the Coordinator and the Co-beneficiaries.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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