Provision of Training Services for Micro-Enterprises of 1-4 persons


This project is funded by the European Social Fund within the framework of the project “Improvement of the Competitiveness of Micro-Enterprises employing 1-4 persons”. The project is part of the Operational Programme “Employment Human Resources and Social Cohesion” 2007-2013.
The main aim of the project is to improve the competitiveness of micro-enterprises which due to their small size and family character, are in a disadvantaged position, through training services. In order to reach this goal, the following actions are foreseen:
  • Needs assessment and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of micro-enterprises
  • Development and delivery of training programmes
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Awareness raising and visibility actions ion order to attract micro-enterprises to participate in the Project.
    The Project foresees the participation of approximately 1200 micro-enterprises in the regions of Nicosia, Lemessos, Larnaca and Paphos. The Consortium including EEO Group was contracted for Lot 1 relating to 480 micro-entreprises in Nicosia.


  • Training Needs Assessment
  • SWOT analysis
  • Design of training programmes for micro-enterprises
  • Strategic Planning of Enterprises
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Organisation and Human resources development
  • Planning and Production Management
  • Financial management of micro-enterprises and business planning
  • Preparation of business plans for micro-enterprises targeted
  • Awareness raising and visibility actions in order to attract micro-enterprises to participate in the project

Head of Section


Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise