NewPost: Upgrading the EU Postal Sector with new Skills (KA3: Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training)


“Newpost: Upgrading the EU Postal Sector with new Skills” is going to provide a new approach towards the needed skills which are necessary for the postal sector, a vibrant economic sector in Europe.
The project will provide a new, modern JOINT VET Curricula for the Postal Sector with a strong WBL program to support the prosperous development of the sector, by adjusting skills and qualifications of sector workforce to the new trends, aiming to tackle identified skills gaps and shortages and to meet the demand for new IT skills within the sector.


  1. Increasing the employability of young people, providing the adequate required skills in a dramatically changing postal sector environment to significantly ameliorate their working conditions and their potential jobs opportunities in a vivid and transforming postal sector, with more than 2 million employees across Europe
  2. Developing a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce in the postal sector
  3. Developing a New Occupational Profile including digital and soft skills, competitive postal sector environment and in the new clientele mixture, including asylum seekers and migrants.
  4. Supporting Joint developments in VET in Europe, covering horizontally the areas of skills required for a qualified employee in the postal sector
  5. Developing a Work-Based Learning methodology which will enhance interoperability and institutional coherence across the fragmental postal organizations in EU and will reduce vigorously the skills mismatches responding to identified labour market needs

Activities & Outputs

The main activities and outputs of this project include:

  1. Design or improvement of a Joint Qualification in VET with main actions to be the skills mapping of common trends in postal sector using TNA methodology, validation of findings in each country & European consultation.
  2. Report of skills mismatches, design a Curriculum including WBL with adaption in country context.
  3. Set up of a new sustainable cooperation structure, developing a common recognition scheme of new age Postal Employees under Posteurop, in alignment with NQF, EQF, and ECVET.
  4. Dissemination of projects outcomes increasing the awareness and attractiveness of VET for Postal Employees under the supervision of PostEurop.


  1. A Joint Curriculum of postal employees developed and applied in the postal sector
  2. 100 postal employees trained and certified according to the new Curriculum
  3. 10 postal organizations engaged and informed about the project
  4. 10 worked under transnational mobility
  5. 10 young unemployed will be employed in the postal sector

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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