Technical Assistance for Increasing the Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies (MoFSP) in the field of Social Inclusion Policies


The overall objective of the project is to improve the policy-making, implementation and monitoring capacities of the MoFSP including the relevant social partners:

•    to provide better services in the field of social policy
•    to conduct a training need analysis and field researches;
•    to provide support to the preparation of national strategy papers;
•    to develop occupational standards for professionals on social services and establishing an online library; organizing meetings, workshops and study visits, etc.


  • Improve Policy Making and Implementation of MoFSP.
    Activities include: conducting TNA; designing a good governance model; conducting field research in thematic fields; establishing an online library and documentation centre; organising roundtables on social Policy; organising a summit on social Policy; conducting staffing needs analysis in 10 pilot provinces; developing 5 occupational standards; organising study visits; designing and rolling out a communication strategy; and mainstreaming.
  • Improve Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
    Activities include: conducting workshops on indicators of social policies and measurement methods in the field of social inclusion; training in evaluation and impact analysis of social policies; and organising 2 study visits for stakeholders; and the full time consultancy.

Head of Section


Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise