Support for the implementation of actions for the improvement of the APPRENTICESHIP SCHEME implemented by the Greek Manpower Organization


As part of the responsibilities of the Greek Manpower Organisation in Greece (OAED) is to develop and implement a series of active employment policies. In the field of vocational education and training, it plans and implements vocational training programs implemented in educational units of Apprenticeship Vocational Schools (EPAS).


The objectives of this project are to: design, implement and support a series of efficiency improvements of the Apprenticeship Scheme and its implementation based on the specifications of the new legislative framework and the actions planned under the program Redefining the Business Model of the Public Employment Agency (Reengineering).
  • Revision of criteria of selection of students for apprenticeships

    The revision of the selection criteria of students in Vocational training schools will be based on best international practices in order to enhance the selection of students with secured placements.

  • Design and development of vocational guidance services
    Vocational guidance services will be developed in order to support students in the third year of high school to choose their specialty in accordance with their educational profiles and the corresponding professional information in order to maximize their chances of finding a job later.

  • Re-designing curricula and evaluation of skills of teaching staff
    The objective of the project is also to prepare proposals for redesigning curricula and assessing skills of permanent academic staff with the aim of training them on topics such as: New technologies in their specialty, basic ICT technologies (certification), search practices for apprenticeships, and pedagogical training.

  • System of evaluation of educational work, structures and programs
    Also, the objective of this project is to adapt the process of systematic evaluation of the Employment Agency’s educational structures and programs aimed at continuous improvement. This evaluation will be based on the institutional framework of the Ministry of Education and best international practices and includes quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria. It will include both the programs themselves and their instructors, infrastructure and other elements of the curriculum.

  • Support for signing framework agreements with social partners and other stakeholders
    Within the framework of better cooperation with the Social Partners, the Chambers and Sectoral and Local agencies, the signature of central programmatic agreements will also be required which will exactly determine the scope of the cooperation, the commitments and the participation of both sides as well as the objectives of cooperation.

  • Specialized skills development and Regional Maps
    The specialization of skills and the development of new regional maps will be based on real market needs, as these will be recognized based on the cooperation of the Public Employment Service with local and regional bodies, social partners and Chambers.

  • Strengthening the apprenticeship scheme
    In order to strengthen the apprenticeship scheme, a detailed plan will be prepared with a clear definition of the curricula and provision of training, and incentives for businesses, aimed at strengthening the apprenticeship scheme.


  • Furthermore, the objective of this project is to upgrade the monitoring and evaluation system of the apprenticeships through the development of new tools and methodologies for strengthening control mechanisms and upgrading the monitoring system.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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