EldiCare: Matching Skills in a growing European Silver Economy (KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Sector Skills Alliances)


“Eldicare: Matching Skills in a growing European Silver Economy” aims to offer a pathway out of the grey market for atypical/undeclared elderly care givers, through education and training in ICT & health applications, modernizing the way elderly care is provided by designing two fresh market-driven Curricula responding to the needs of this special demographics group and their families and closed ones.

The project has identified 3 key challenges within the fields of medicine and healthcare, that are going to be addressed with:

  1. The use of IT devices & applications for health management in the field of record – keeping and tracking medical history.
  2. The use of e-tools for diagnosis & monitoring of a medical condition.
  3. The tech – literacy of elderly care workers, in order to stay updated and relevant in an ever-changing environment.


In response to the above challenges, the project has the following specific objectives:

  1. Respond to the recognized demand for tech-literate elderly care professionals.
  2. Develop a new Work Based Learning Scheme for Ageing Care Givers.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction through state-of-the-art services for elderly.
  4. Improve access to lifelong learning e-platforms.
  5. Enhance transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications of ageing care workers.
  6. Develop a mechanism for ensuring knowledge and mental abilities of ageing care givers, creating the first Ageing Care Givers Qualification Tool.
  7. Provide the First Code of Conduct for Ageing Care Givers, in order to enhance quality of the services provided.


Eldicare includes the activities below:

  1. Scoping Analysis and State of the Arts which will develop a sound and updated knowledge base for curricula development and delivery through a scooping analysis report which will present the state-of-the-art in training and learning methodologies for the elderly care sector in the participating countries.
  2. Design and developing two VET curricula that will enhance the employability of elderly care givers across Europe within the areas of Digital & New Technologies Skills.
  3. Core Curricula Design that includes the development of three VET curricula that will enhance the employability of aspiring creative professionals in the AV & LP sectors across Europe within the areas of Arts Management, Cultural Entrepreneurship, and Digital & New Technologies Skills.
  4. Methodological tools and learning and teaching resources that will be designed and developed for trainers, learners and employers in each country.
  5. A Psychometric Tool to test the mental capacity of elderly care workers.
  6. Curricula Delivery fit-for-purpose and relevant to industry needs.
  7. Quality Assurance ensuring that the project meets effectiveness through high quality standards processes and outputs.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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