VET2Business: VET - Business Partnerships on Work-based learning and Apprenticeships (KA3 Support for policy reform)


Travel and Tourism sector GDP contribution is expected to rise by 2,8 % per year, between 2016-2025. 1 out of 10 jobs in Europe are expected to be tourism related. Technology penetration in traditional markets, especially in Tourism, is accompanied by diversification of the market, redrives new skills and competences from sector employees. SMEs and largest tourism operators face an increasing skills mismatch among actual needs and workforce ability to perform within this new environment. Within this context, VET2Business offers a new perspective by adapting two new Curricula to current needs and by introducing a new approach
of apprenticeship schemes. The project is establishing a strong cross-regional partnership in Greece and Germany aiming to tackle the students’ identified skills gaps in the Tourism Sector by creating two innovative VET curricula in Hospitality & Catering and by building a strong network with SMEs, while responding to their demands through the implementation of work based learning (WBL).


  1. Tackle high youth unemployment and skills mismatch in the Hotels and Catering Sector, by bridging the gap between Training and Business Sector.
  2. Contributing to Riga Objective, through the establishment of a viable Partnership, developing up to date work-based learning schemes in the Tourist Sector, emphasizing in the apprenticeship.
  3. Knowledge transfer and transnational capacity building, in Hotel and Catering Training modules, including WBL and apprenticeship.
  4. Development of new innovative tools that will enhance communication and cooperation between the VET System and the Sectoral Businesses

Activities & Outputs

  1. A Transnational Cross - Regional Partnership between VET providers and Businesses established.
  2. A qualitative and quantitative study on the needs of SMEs in Tourism, a gap analysis on the existing Curricula (WBL and Apprenticeship included), review of existing Curricula and search for best practices among previous projects.
  3. An up-to-date Tourism Skills – Chart is going to be created.
  4. Two new VET Curricula in the Sectors, focusing on WBL and apprenticeship schemes that represent expectations of SMEs, developed and tested.
  5. An “e-portolio” for Apprenticeship platform where training material will be accessible to all participants.
  6. An “Online apprenticeship monitoring and exchange”, including VET Teachers and SMEs combination feature, the Student Performance Monitoring tool and a WBL / Apprenticeship selection tool, developed and tested.

Aims of the dissemination and exploitation plan

  1. Raise awareness and extend reach
  2. Extend the impact
  3. Engage stakeholders and target groups
  4. Share results, outputs, lessons learned and experience gained

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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