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EEO GROUP SA, leading the consortium of CCM Consulting Group Worldwide, European Projects Management Ltd. (SIA Eiropas Projektu Vadība), German Adult Education Association (DVV) and Family and Childcare Centre (KMOP) were assigned through Delegation of the European Union to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to provide Technical Assistance to the Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion Programme Amman-Jordan.

The overall objective is to provide capacity development support and technical assistance for ETVET line Ministries and their related institutions, CSOs and Social partners and support the implementation of the sector strategies (ETVET Strategy 2014-2020, National Employment Strategy 2011-2020 and HRD strategy 2016-2025) with a focus on actions referenced in the Financing Agreement between the Government of Jordan and the European Union to implement the programme entitled Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion.

The purspose of this invitation is to provide advisory, training and technical assistance:

· in the areas of Governance, Capacity building, Quality Assurance, Employability and Labour Market management, Intermediation and Information Systems, Social Inclusion for disadvantaged groups, Monitoring and Evaluation of the E-TVET strategy and sector action plans including from the HRD Strategy 2016-2025.

· for strengthening Social dialogue, concrete involvement and partnership of Social Partners in the ETVET Sector. This may lead to develop a clear role, responsibilities and engagement based on a framework regulation and partnership by exploring new approaches and Public Private Partnership (PPP) modalities and opportunities in the ETVET sector.

· to the government in design and implementation of communication campaigns related to the ETVET reform and the Communication & Visibility action plan adopted by the GoJ, and to ensure a communication and visibility strategy for the whole EU programme including the direct budget support and the complementary support projects and grants.