Discussion concerning the Work Based Learning (WBL) under the Mu.SA project


On Thursday 30 January 2020, AKMI S.A. and the Hellenic National Committee of ICOM organized a discussion to inform employers concerning the Mu.SA project.

Musaproject30jan2020bThe discussion was hosted by ICOM and there were present, among others, Miss Eleni Damianou, Senior Consultant of AKMI S.A., Ms Artemis Stamatelou, Archaeologist - Museologist, Researcher of the Mu.SA project, Mr Philippos Mazarakis, Senior Curator at the “National Historical Museum” of Athens and President of Hellenic National Committee of ICOM, Mr Spiros Borotis (Project Manager - Senior Researcher at the Hellenic Open University), AKMIS S.A.’s consultant Mr Giannis Panopoulos and the museum sector’s employers.

The event opened with a welcoming speech from Mr Mazarakis that included a brief presentation of the Mu.Sa project, some difficulties of the program and its objectives and was followed by a very interesting presentation of Ms Damianou. The presentation aimed at explaining to the employers, all of whom are responsible for Mu.SA learners within their museum – cultural organization, the meaning of Work-Based Learning (WBL), the objectives of the specialization course as well as some general information concerning the skill gaps of the industry that the project appoints and how the WBL tried to address to learners from Athens and away, as well as from many different backgrounds.

The presentation was enriched by interventions of Ms Stamatelou and Mr Borotis and was followed by an open discussion between all the above experts and the attendees. Questions were answered and opinions were shared as it is very important to see how the museums’ professionals perceive what is missing and what may be changing in their industry. It must be underlined that there was very positive feedback from all participants, as they already understand the contribution of Mu.SA project to their employees.