2nd Face-to-Face Training Session of Erasmus+ Project Mu.SA


On Saturday, 11th of January 2020, the 2nd Face-to-Face Training for the Specialization Course of European Erasmus + Project: "Mu.SA: Museum Sector Alliance" took place in the premises of AKMI S.A. 

Two very interesting presentations were held, concerning sustainability and museums. The first was presented by Ms Aspasia Mousoulidi, consultant of AKMI S.A. and the second from Ms Artemis Stamatelou, Archaeologist - Museologist, Researcher of the Mu.SA project, and member of the Hellenic Department of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Both speakers emphasized the significance of sustainably for recent societies and specifically for museums, giving examples and making clear how important its role is for today’s world.

During the event, the Learners had the chance to discuss on the Specialization Course, the Work-Based Learning, ask general questions and resolve any issues they had. Lastly, they were given case studies as a form of homework, to better understand the concepts presented. 

AKMI S.A. was represented by its Consultants Ms Aspasia Mousoulidi, Ms Angeliki Petsou & Mr Giannis Panopoulos.