Erasmus +: Live Skills (LIVSKI) (KA2 - Alliances - Partnerships between the world of work and education and training institutions)


The Creative and Cultural Sector plays a key role in promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. It is, nevertheless, widely recognised that cultural professionals lack important skills and competences required to adapt to changing employment trends and make the most of new technologies and financing models in order to be able to drive the sector to innovation and growth.
Live Skills “LIVSKI” will tackle identified skills shortages and respond to the demand for new skills within two subsectors of the wider Creative and Cultural Sector: the Audio Visual and Live Performance sectors.
This will be achieved through the design and piloting of three new innovative VET curricula in Arts Management, Digital and New Technologies Skills and Cultural Entrepreneurship Skills for two professions in the AV & LP sectors, but, also adaptable to a broader range of professions and other subsectors of the wider Creative and Cultural Sector.

Led by British Council, this Alliance is composed of nine partners: VET providers, social partners, an accreditation body and a cultural organisation from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the UK.
The Alliance will work closely at all stages of the project with the industry and all relevant stakeholders to develop new curricula which include work based learning opportunities, are demand led and responsive to labour market needs. It will also work with qualification bodies as well as policy makers to ensure the three curricula are quality assured in line with EU transparency tools and transferable at European level.
Live Skills will help enhance employability and mobility for cultural professionals and students; boost the sector’s competitiveness and build a vibrant, robust and sustainable Creative and Cultural Sector for the future.


  • Project management; Inception and Set up, Coordination and Reporting, Communication and Meetings
  • Scoping Analysis and State of the Art Review,  Initial skills mapping and identifying common trends, Conducting countries specific validation of findings, Conducting an European consultation
  • Contribute as participant in the research exercises and facilitate dissemination of questionnaires and survey
  • Core curricula design, Designing the core content of the curricula, Designing innovative methodologies and modes of delivery,
  • Designing of supportive materials and resources, drafting of Methodological guide for the articulation of learning
  • Curricula delivery; Adapting the curricula to the country specific context, Training trainers, students and employers, Piloting,
  • Assessing and fine tuning the curricula
  • Overall WP coordination; Adaptation guidelines, overall reporting, organising a F2F partners focus group in Athens; Adaptation, preparation, delivery, assessment of the curricula in Greece
  • Quality Assurance; Development and Application of Quality Assurance Plan and report drafting, Accreditation of Curricula – guidelines.
  • Support development of a checklist and profile for assessors; Support accreditation of curricula in Greece
  • Evaluation; Developing Project Evaluation Strategy, Implementing the evaluation strategy.
  • Contribution to development of evaluation strategy; Implementation of evaluation tools designed at project starts
  • Dissemination and Communication; Developing a Dissemination and Communication Strategy, Designing the project on line platform and social media networking, Organising Info Days, Live Briefs and an International Conference
  • Contribution to Communication strategy project platform, update and promotion, to final conference; Organization of Live Brief in Greece
  • Exploitation & Sustainability; Developing Exploitation and Sustainability Strategy, Identifying potential users of the new curricula,
  • Organising support for adapting and transferring of the teaching materials by preparing an implementation guide and holding taster workshops, Securing commitment of education authorities to mainstream the curricula, Informing and influencing future policy and practice in VET.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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