Drafting of an Action Plan concerning: “Vocational training programme of unemployed in external trade”


The main aim of this project is to draft an Action Plan concerning the following programme:“Vocational training programme of unemployed in external trade”.
The programme concerns the implementation of training programs for extroversion and business internationalization, leading to certification, to medium-term support of the human resources who were hit by the economic crisis in regions qualifying for the Convergence objective (8 Convergence Regions ). The programme includes all those actions will allow the optimum efficiency in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The specific objectives of the Programme are:
-    direct support to the workforce who suffered the consequences of unforeseen crises in sectors of the economy associated with the general economic downturn
-    the reconstruction of human resource sectors affected both in terms of psychological and social aspects
-    the strengthening of human resources in all sectors where people have acquired skills for work and have good studies, but will undergo a process of training / retraining which will bring them new skills and knowledge necessary for their placement in export oriented jobs so as to favour job retention.

Activities related to the drafting of the action plan including identifying the main actions of the programme, costing and budgeting of the actions, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms as well as implementation mechanisms.

  • Feasibility analysis of the Action Plan which includes a report on the current status including needs analysis as well as the determination of the target group and the expected benefits from the programme.
  • Drafting of the Action Plan for the Training Programme for unemployed people in actions aiming at improving their employability skills (through extroversion/external trade). This includes a detailed list of actions, the detailed costs of each action as well all the implementation arrangements.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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