“VETFest” 12 Events for Transnational and National VET networks - Kick-off meeting (Espinho, Portugal 22-23 October 2019)

VETFest PM Portugal0

AKMI S.A. participated at the Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ KA3 project VETFest “12 Events for Transnational and National VET networks”, which was held at Espinho, Portugal, on 22 and 23 of October 2019. The project has a runtime of two years and is coordinated by the Sociedade Promotora de Estabelecimentos de Ensino Lda.

The main purpose of the project is to provide solutions to the challenges that the VET sector faces, by bringing together partners with diverse profiles, establishing a network of VET providers. This network does not only include VET schools and local associations but also enterprises, associations of entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders with relevance in VET and in the industry. 

More specifically, the consortium is composed of 11 partners: SPEL (Portugal), CEPROF (Portugal), APSU (Portugal), Eurotraining (Greece), AKMI (Greece), ILF Consulting (Greece), DEFOIN (Spain), ISS (Italy), Conform (IT), Mamak (Turkey), and Ortaköy (Turkey). The partners are going to cooperate for the accomplishment of the four main objectives of VETFest project: 

  • Creation of a transnational network of VET providers
  • Encouragement of cross-border cooperation through the exchange and implementation of good practices
  • Improvement of VET quality through peer counselling for the implementation of EU instruments, namely, EQAVET
  • Fostering the internationalization actions of VET institutions and the professional development of their teachers

AKMI SA was represented by its project manager of VETFest Mrs Elda Stoupa.