AKMI’s School of Tourism has been acknowledged to Saint-Brieuc’s students, in the framework of its cooperation with Twinning Committee of Agia Paraskevi Municipality

akmi tourism chef 1

AKMI S.A, as the biggest private educational organization in the field of tourism, welcomed in its premises a group of students from Saint- Brieuc, France, to present to them all the infrastructures related to hotel management, culinary arts, restaurant services etc. During their visit, one of our distinguished chefs and faculty member shared some secrets of the French cuisine, an expert sommelier presented his little secrets on wine presentation & serving tactics and the Head of Tourism Department gave them some valuable advice on the profession.

AKMI S.A is the first and only private organization in Greece to be a member of the World Association of Chef Societies. Also, it is the only VET school awarded by the Greek Academy of Gastronomy - a member of the International Academy of Gastronomy.
The visit was organized by Mr Michael Grigoriades and Mrs Anna Stergiou, President and Vice President respectively, of the Twinning Committee of Agia Paraskevi Municipality. Municipality of Agia Paraskevi is twinned with Saint-Brieuc France (May 1992) aiming at gaining experience and know-how, with Grotska Srbija (May 1994) at the level of social outreach, assistance and hospitality and with Geroskipou of Cyprus (May 1998).