Funding Opportunities Presentation


It's an honor to have been selected as one of the Key Speakers on the 3rd day of the 23rd Annual EVBB Conference in Bratislava from the 26th to the 29th of June 2019. During the Structured debate on future project planning that has been organized as the closing event of the Conference, Mr Theodor Grassos, AKMI Development Director, in cooperation with Mrs Giulia Meschino (EVTA) had the opportunity to present the future trends of the European Funding Schemes, also covering the forthcoming new Programming Period (2021-2027).

The evolving role of Erasmus+, the introduction of CoVE (Centers of Vocational Excellence) and the need for training under other Funding Schemes, (i.e. REC, Horizon etc), have been thoughtfully presented. Furthermore, the transformation of EUs External Aid Programmes has been covered. The new available Funds have been revealed, while strategy that resulted in the establishment of NDICI (Neighborhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument) has also been underlined. The presentation triggered dynamic discussions on the development of new project ideas and the formation of new international partnerships between VET institutes.


See the presentation here.