TESEUS - Entrepreneurial Skills for EU Start-ups


Did you know that Europeans are less entrepreneurial and more risk-averse due to a lack of “entrepreneurial culture”?

Europe 2020 strategy evolves entirely around entrepreneurship to create jobs, sustain growth and promote inclusion. But, the crisis is affecting entrepreneurial attitude: 58% of Europeans prefer to work as employees (49% in 2012). This trend will be exacerbated by the COVID-19 restrictions which will deeply affect the entrepreneurial system with a strong negative impact on economic growth.

TESEUS aims at promoting the creation of start-ups and enterprises in IVET environments by creating tools for teachers/mentors to nurture the entrepreneurial talent of IVET students, and a set of practical training for IVET students to create companies.

If you are an IVET trainer or IVET student/learner and you wish to find out more about starting your own enterprise check the following videos and get inspired: