The Project Meeting of Tour2Include was held online

Tour2Include 2nd Transnational Meeting Photo

Migrants' Integration into Tourism-Related Professions

On 11th June 2020, the Tour2Include Consortium held the 2nd Project Management Meeting. Due to COVID restriction, the meeting originally planned to be held in Pescara – Italy took place in an online mode based on a detailed agenda shared and agreed by all partners.

At the meeting, partners focused on the results of Mapping activities on Tourism-related professions where low-skilled migrants are mostly occupied and each organisation presented a snapshot of their Country report. Furthermore, the online meeting was crucial to define next steps and actions. The partners organised the activities and timeline of IO2 “Delivery of a Prior Learning Assessment Approach”. This output aims at developing and implementing a prior learning assessment approach, enabling career guidance professionals and migrants themselves to assess their already existent skills. 

Also, the meeting was dedicated to Project monitoring and reporting plus some specific aspects of financial management. Moreover, dissemination activities were also brought to discussion for the upstreaming of the project in EU settings.

Tour2Include is a project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission: it aims to establish an innovative approach to support low-skilled migrants that would like to work in the Tourism Sector to acquire the necessary typical and soft skills. Taking into consideration that, according to Eurostat, 7% of the total workforce in Tourism comes from third, non-EU, countries (2016 data), the project focuses on targeted training opportunities which will offer better career perspectives to migrants away from undeclared work and deprecation.


AKMI Katartisi Ekpaideusi will support the project with its expertise in delivering training programmes to migrants in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector, securing their smooth integration and providing input and participating in all project activities.

For further information on Tour2Include and AKMI Katartisi Ekpaideusi initiatives: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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