EEO Group joined the Kick-Off Meeting of ECI - ENTRECOMP IMPLEMENTATION Project in Cottbus, Germany

eeo kick off eci

EEO Group visited Cottbus to launch the project “Entrepreneurship Competence Implementation” co-financed by the European Programme Erasmus+.  EEO Group is part of an international consortium including seven other organisations representing 6 countries: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania.

The EntreComp Implementation Project will provide operational tools to implement the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework in Vocational Education environments: in 2016 the European Commission developed the Reference Framework for Entrepreneurship. The ECI Project will operationalise 6 of the 15 underlying competences to ignite entrepreneurial values and concepts in VET systems.

At the meeting, partners jumpstarted implementation, launching activities relating to the development of the interactive web-based learning platform (Open Educational Resource) as well as the definition of the training.  Partners also tackled the issues of project management, communication and dissemination.

EEO Group S.A. has significant experience in VET, in developing labour market oriented VET curricula, in Labour market analysis, and in supporting people from vulnerable social groups, like young persona, unemployed, women, migrants, refugees, etc. in order to improve their entrepreneurial skills and start personal business. EEO group will lead the internal project evaluation process. EEO plays a leading role in validation of the gathered existing examples, good practices and expertise, available in each participating country related to the planned IO1 to IO3. The EEO organises the Multiplier Event 2.

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