1st Face-to-Face Training Session of Erasmus+ Project Mu.SA

musaf2f 1

On Friday, 1st of November 2019, the 1st Face-to-Face Training for the Specialization Course of European Erasmus + Project: "Mu.SA: Museum Sector Alliance" took place in the premises of AKMI S.A..

The project’s major goal is to address the increasing deconnection between formal education and training with the world of work and the shortage of digital and transferable skills identified in the museum sector while also supporting the continuous professional development of museum professionals.

During the event, the Learners had the chance to discuss on the subject of the online courses they are attending, and also participate in an interactive lesson on digital competencies and the digital identities of Museums, with the help of two case studies.

VET AKMI was represented by its Consultants Ms. Eleni Damianou, Ms. Angeliki Petsou & Mr. Kyriakos Moumoutzis.