INTERREG V-A Greece-Bulgaria project “Mineral Paths”: Kick-Off Meeting


The kick-off meeting of the INTERREG V-A Greece-Bulgaria project “Mineral Paths: Vacations and Nature with a Blink” took place on September, 13th in Xanthi, Greece.

The project supports four cross border regions to renovate their mineral springs infrastructure and improve touristic promotion in the context of sustainable tourism. The guiding question of this INTERREG project is: How can neighboring regions cooperate beyond their boundaries to promote their natural resources as a common touristic product? This cooperation project aims to increase the individual strength of the different areas and the implementation of their touristic strategies.  

The project has a runtime of two years and is coordinated by the Municipality of Myki. Besides the Municipality of Myki, the participating municipalities include the Public Benefit Organization of Kavala, the Municipality of Mineralni Bani and the Municipality of Yakoruda, while it is strategically supported by the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” and the Association SAVREMIE, forming the Greek-Bulgarian regional partnership of the project. EEO Group have provided Technical Assistance to the lead municipality since the conceptualization of the project and throughout the implementation of the programme. The company was represented in the meeting by the project director, Mr. Theodor Grassos and project manager, Ms. Olga Marinea.

The project aims to valorize the cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border area for tourist purposes. The “Mineral Paths” project will be implemented in close co-operation with regional and local stakeholders from the tourism sector.

Photos are from the relevant publication in Xanthi News. All rights reserved.