SURVIVE: 7th Joint Staff Training Event in Florence


EEO Group participated in the 7th Joint Staff Training Event of the SURVIVE “Identifying and Linking Internal Capabilities with Business Continuity” in Florence, during the second week of September.

Hosted by Sharing Europe, the partners visited a number of organisations that set good practice examples on young entrepreneurship and business creativity, and attended workshops on different ways to survive the crisis. The participants kicked off training with a course on Resilience, followed by a study visit in the Murate Idea Park, a community building dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The partners, also, visited the Spazio CO-STANZA, a co-working space combining work & life balance and met with the founders to learn their story. The third study visit included Officina Creativa, a handcrafted arts community building and meeting the artisans. Last study visit took place on Nana Bianca, a startup studio and incubator, which has helped numerous local startups to develop. The SURVIVE group met with the incubators, and learned about their vision. Finally, the partners attended a LEGO Serious Play workshop training, followed by a study visit on the Impact Hub and meeting the hub coworkers. The visit concluded with a group presentation and discussion of failure management in different countries.

The project SURVIVE, which comes to an end in October 2019, has compiled a number of good practices for SMEs, startups and policy-makers to succeed during the crisis.

EEO Group S.A. was represented by its Consultants, Ms. Eva Vaiouli & Ms. Olga Marinea.