EEO GROUP SA organized the Final Transnational Project Meeting and the last Bench Mobility activities of COMPASS 2016

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The 6th and the last transnational meeting and Bench Mobility under the Erasmus+ programme ‘‘Developing Personnel Competence for Access / Access to Tourism (ComPass 2016)'' took place in Athens from Monday 21st of January to Friday 24th of January 2019.

ComPass 2016 is an EU funded programme and it is implemented by partners from 6 countries (Germany, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia and Greece).

The main objective of the programme is to design a model of an Accessible Tourism for All, by arising the awareness of tourism providers both on privet and public level, as well as on the level of micro and small tourism enterprises, towards the personnel skills, qualification, the facilities and the competence requests of the promising “Accessible Tourism for All”.

During the last meeting in Athens, the partners discussed the progress of the project, summarizing the activities and presenting the results of the whole process of sharing knowledge, experiences, expertise and good practices in the action matter “Accessible Tourism for All”. Also the activities of the Bench Mobility were presented.

During the Bench Mobility Week, the stakeholders from partners’ countries had the chance to visit and examine places and points of tourist services in the city, as well as to have productive conversations with those responsible on the matter of the accessibility of services to all social groups and people with disabilities and the problems they face.

The stakeholders made study visits to the Lighthouse for the blind of Greece, Himalaya Travel office, the Metropolitan College, museums, such as the Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the School Life and Education Museum and hotels, such as Athens Tiare Hotel and Athens Marriott Hotel.

EEO GROUP SA and all the partners would like to thank the all good practice practitioners for their hospitality and for contributing in the implementation of the project.

EEO Group was represented by its Project Manager Mrs Maria Moschou.

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