EEO Group S.A participated in the 3rd Project meeting of Survive in Valencia

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EEO Group S.A participated in the 3rd project meeting of Survive project which was held in Valencia on 10 and 11 of July 2018. Surviving The Storm: Identifying & Linking Internal Capabilities with Business Continuity, full name, is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project with main objective the exchange of good practices. The project is going to perform study visits on leading SMEs to investigate their structure and exchange practices, study visits to SURVIVORs SMEs in partner countries affected by the crisis (GR, SP, PT) and collect the material necessary to create a training programme as a roadmap to success.Survive Valencia meeting

During the meeting in Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia partners had a fruitful discussion regarding the practices of microenterprises in each partner country. The main focus of this project meeting was to select the SURVIVORS, the best examples of micro and SMEs which survived from the crisis and grew up.

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EEO Group S.A was represented in the meeting through its Project Manager Maria Moschou.