EEO Group S.A participated on 21st of December meeting of European and Development Program Division of Ministry of Citizen Protection

EEO Group was represented by the Development Director Mr.Theodoros Grassos in the Publicity meeting of AMIF and ISF about the period 2014-2020 which was held by European and Development Program Division of Ministry of Citizen Protection on 21 of December 2017.



In this meeting were presented the targets, the outcomes and the challenges which have been emerged from the ongoing implementation of the Programs. EEO Group S.A due to its expertise in the implementation of EU funded projects provides services as Technical Consultant to the European and Development Program Division regarding the projects of AMIF and ISF.

Mr. Grassos as Development Director of EEO Group S.A and Project Manager for the support of the implementation of EDPD projects highlighted some crucial points regarding the management. He pointed out the 10 most frequently asked questions:

 1. He noticed the importance to fill in all the information in the Monitoring Information System during the implementation of a project

 2. Until when the expenditures are eligible concerning the deadline of a project?

 3. Why it is not feasible the prompt entry of expenditures in the Monitoring Information System?

 4. What should be done in the case that an expenditure is corresponded to one or more actions or projects?

 5. What should be attached in a Statement of Expenditures?

 6. Is it possible to have more than one contracts in a Convention?

 7. What it is included in the meaning of Indirect Expenditures?

 9. How it is predicted the funding allocation of an Action per year?

 9. How the projects in Monitoring Information System are divided?

10. When the budget is modified?

Within this context Mr.Grassos analyzed in depth these crucial issues and clarified the above-mentioned questions.


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