The project aims at proposing an integrate and complete strategy for improving youth employability and a better school-to-work transition. In particular, the project will foster the collaboration between VET institutions and employers in the wood and the furniture sector, contributing to adapt curriculum and qualification profiles and proposing and testing a cooperation framework between enterprises/employers and VET institutions to define integrated transnational dual learning models.

In particular the project aims:

  • To contribute to adapt curriculum and qualification profiles by investigating the technological and soft skills gap in the professional profiles for the Wood Treaters, Cabinet Makers and related Trade Workers (ESCO 752 profiles and ISCO 08).
  • To contribute to overcome youth stereotypes and biased perceptions concerning skilled manual occupations and traditional economic sectors
  • To increase organizational, social, emotional, entrepreneurial and technological skills and competences in VET students and workers
  • To propose and test a cooperation framework between different stakeholders (especially enterprises/employers and VET institutions) to define integrated transnational dual learning models: one model would not fit every situation, but a core concept can be proposed, accompanied by a "modelling engine" to support adaptation to several sectors and countries.
  • To support the implementation of 2013 Communication on Opening up education: promoting the development of new modes of delivery of training, including virtual mobility and e-learning.
  • To evaluate this first experience of model design and implementation, with the scope of identifying shortcomings and transferable solutions.

7 Intellectual Outputs:

  • Open study and analysis on labour market trends in wood and furniture sector and companies needs
  • Open study and analysis on professional qualifications and learning systems in the wood sector
  • Peer learning educational portal: WOODual Community
  • Public methodological guide on design framework for transnational work-based learning programme
  • Open educational handbook for students, young employed and young workers enrolled in VET programmes
  • Training course addressed to training specialists working in companies and VET institutions
  • Public Study on WOODUAL project evaluation

13 Multiplier Events:

  • Italy- AHK
  • Spain-AIDIMA
  • Greece- EEO Group S.A
  • Romania- FIATEST
  • Poland-Ogolnobolska
  • United Kingdom- Proskills UK
  • Netherlands-Cofora
  • Belgium-Opleidings
  • Italy-RegioneLombardia
  • Italy-RegioneLombardia
  • Italy-RegioneLombardia
  • FinalConference Belgium

Teaching Activities

  • 40 Participants. 5 duration days. Adult Education. Short term joint-staff training events.
  • 20 Participants. 5 duration days. Vocational Education and Training. Blended mobility of VET learners.
  • 40 Participants. 5 duration days. Adult Education. Short term joint-staff training events.
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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