EEO Group S.A participated in the 3rd meeting of the project implementation team which took part on 27th of February in Nicosia. In this meeting EEO Group S.A was represented by its Project Manager Maria Moschou.

Newsletter - BLEND IN #2

Read here the second Newsletter of BLEND IN

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Newsletter - BLEND IN

Read here the first Newsletter of BLEND IN


blendIn logoBLEND IN aims to prepare and empower one of the most vulnerable groups of our times, young migrants & refugees seeking a better life in a third-EU country. The ultimate objective of the project is to develop the social, civic, intercultural competences of the young refugees and migrants resettled in a host country, inform them on their rights and promote their autonomy, active citizenship and participation in social life and labour market, thus preventing their social exclusion, combating discrimination and segregation by facilitating their smooth cultural and social integration in the host community.