Enhancing Competitiveness of Microenterprises in Rural Areas

Published in MICRO

MICRO’s objective is to sustain growth and competitiveness of rural microenterprises by developing practical training resources to be delivered both face-to-face and through the Open Educational Resource. MICRO will bridge the capacity gaps to sustain growth and competitiveness of rural microenterprises while overcoming their isolation.

Project’s main activities:

  • Identify specific knowledge gaps and capacity needs of microenterprises in rural areas
  • Design innovative multilingual training content, material and web based tools / OER platform
  • Test and validate the main results with at least 200 microenterprises in rural areas in 6 countries

MICRO will engage at least 200 microentrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs to be) to enhance their competitiveness and nurture their growth. MICRO will generate immediate and tangible impact at local levels reaching out to target groups and relevant stakeholders.

MICRO’s partnership represents highly motivated and experienced 7 partners from 6 countries (Greece, Ireland, Spain, FYROM, Italy, Belgium) each with specific expertise and success stories about microentrepreneurship and bridging the “rural gap”. The partnership combines training/pedagogical accuracy (academic partner and VET providers) with market relevance (microenterprises) and rural penetration. This composition ensures geographical coverage as well as projection of dissemination and valorisation across the EU. Partners have complementary skills and expertise that empowers MICRO to achieving objective through sound and practical deliverables.

Project duration: 24 months

Please find more details at: www.microsmetraining.eu


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