EEO Group S.A supported the Kick-off Meeting of DataPRO Project: “Upgrading the EU Data Protection Sector with new Skills” during 26th- 27thSeptember 2018 in Athens.

EEO Group S.A supported the Kick-off Meeting of Erasmus+ DataPRO Project which was held in Athens during 26th-27th of September 2018. Under the coordination of Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce (UHCC) ( , the DataPro Project was hosted in UHCC premises in 26th September, as well as in Metropolitan College (AMC) campus ( ) in 27th September. 

EEO Group S.A was represented in this meeting by its Director Mr. Theodor Grassos, professional expert with proven experience in the field of European programs and its Consultant Mrs. Giorina Maratsi, who were responsible for the application writing and project management on behalf of the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce.

During the Kick-off meeting the timeline of activities was defined by the Consortium and the key milestones were agreed for the implementation of this ambitious project. Data Protection Officer is an occupation which will dominate in the upcoming future as it will generate more than 20,000 new jobs.

DataPRO Project was successfully granted by EACEA’s KA3 “Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training” and its aim is to incorporate the new digital mentality that is being shaped under GDPR 2016/679 to companies, employees and young learners, while responding to the fragmented certification system in the field.


DataPRO photo 3

DataPRO objective is to:

     • enhance transparency and harmonization of skills and qualifications in EU data protection Sector through
     • set up of two new Joint VET Curricula (with strong Work-based Learning)
     • create a standardized VET Certification for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) that will foster cross-border, transnational and interregional mobility.

In Greece, Metropolitan College with its 35 years of academic experience and in close cooperation with the Greek National Accreditation body, EOPPEP ( ) , under the guidance of EEO Group S.A, will take the lead in designing the Joint DPO VET Curricula and the development of a sustainable recognition process linking DPO Curricula with EQAVET and the EQF.

To achieve its ambitious goals and maximize its impact to stakeholders in data protection, DataPRO has incorporated an outstanding partnership of 10 partners from 4 European countries (Greece, Belgium, Germany and Cyprus) that include chambers from all countries, representing the whole spectrum of business activity, accreditation bodies from Greece and Germany, VET providers, research institutes and communication organisations with an EU impact. EEO Group S.A was responsible for the consortium-building.