EEO Group S.A participated in the 5th Transnational Meeting of Compass

EEO Group S.A participated in the 5th Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus+ Project Compass which was held in Riga, Latvia during the 24th to 28th of September. Compass is an Erasmus+ Project, under the Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

The action’s main objective is to respond to the needs of the tourism labour market, especially to the needs of smallest and SMEs as well as to anticipate qualification and training needs in the “Accessible Tourism for All” sector. This will done by the exchange of specific good practices and experiences in qualification and training gained in the participating countries in this area.

Compass 2

The Project Meeting of the partners was conducted in the first day, where the progress of the project and the next steps were thoroughly discussed. Over the next few days 16 stakeholders from the Tourism Sector participated in the 5th Bench Mobility of the project. Within this context, the University of Latvia successfully organized and carried out study visits to tourism organizations. The main subject of the Bench Mobility was «Accessible Tourism for All under the VET for high-quality tourism under the cluster prospective».

The project involves actors from 5 European countries (Greece, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Latvia, Germany). Our company was represented by our Director Mr. Theodor Grassos and our Project Manager/Head of International Department Mrs. Maria Moschou. Distinguished professors by IEK AKMI attended the Bench Mobility, such as Mrs. Pigi Mantzouratou, Mr. Prodromos Kortsinidis and Mrs. Eleftheria Dimitraki.

The 6th Bench Mobility will be hosted and organized by EEO Group S.A in Athens in January 2019.