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Transnational Meeting, 21-22 February 2017 (Athens, Greece)

Published in WOODual

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The partners had the opportunity to visit Athens at 21-21 February 2017 at EEOs’ premises to discuss specific matters towards Woodual implementation. Each partner contributed to draft the operational guide on dual learning experience and cross-border mobility in wood sector and prepared a description of good practices – focus point at beginning and at the end of mobility project.

Project progress

IO4: Open methodological guide on framework for transnational work-based learning programme. The partners discussed about how to extract the knowledge from existing DUAL programmes running in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria also in terms of training the Company Tutors in running DUAL programmes – this was already known in receiving countries.

In Poland, Schools in wood were dying due to lack of support from Government. Students of technical school did not see a need for additional qualifications, these impacts on the possibility of finding students for the piloting, and students will usually not talk other languages, especially language other than English.

In Greece stakeholders had little interest because Wood industry is not so big.

A discussion about the implementation of IO4 was held to define the extent of transnational dual learning and mobility model was a transferable model to reduce unemployment and enroll youth as market needs require throughout Europe, starting from the wood sector. Special attention was given to new developments regarding combination of skills.

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