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MedLit#45+ is a Strategic Partnership project in the field of Adult Education funded with the support of the programme Erasmus+. The project aim is to improve the digital skills of users over 45 in order to increase their competitiveness within the modern labour market.

These users are usually low qualified in terms of digital skills and suffer from a generation gap that excludes them from work positions nowadays available mainly online. The group of partners from Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal and England has worked hard over the past few months to complete an online platform, aimed at facilitating the job placement of the target groups described above. The contents of the platform were born from an intense phase of research conducted in partner countries through interviews, online surveys and desk researches. The results of these researches allowed to create 5 modules concerning online Security, Problem solving, Information processing, Communication and interaction and Basic content creation. The most challenging part is currently taking place through the pilot phase implementation of the platform. This process will involve more than 120 participants among the partner countries. Through the use of this platform it will be possible to experience the concrete improvements that the over-45s will achieve in trying to increase their competitiveness in online job search. The partners are carrying out workshops and face-to-face meetings to present the platform and involve the participants in the completion of the modules available in the platform. In the coming months the results of this pilot implementation will be revealed and the ground for the final project output will be prepared, namely the development of a manual for professionals supporting unemployed persons.

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