EEO Group S.A is investing on Millennials

EEO Group S.A as a leading management consulting company is working always on the upskilling of the workforce and to provide opportunities equally to everyone. Our corporate culture has been based on this policy, having in our core the human capital. We invest in our workforce, as it is an indispensable part of our success.

Over the last years we have changed our approach and hiring policy, as we believe in our generation and on their skills. Millennials’ participation in the workplaces have been increasing and we have undertaken the initiative to invest on this demographic group (ages from 1980 to 00s). The gained experience that we have from 1992 till now and our high skilled executives and scientific staff compose the appropriate mixture for this generation in order to thrive in a competitive working environment as the consulting sector.


In a period that unemployment and brain drain have been increasing in Greece, especially unemployment in ages 20-30 are high, we have decided to educate and train a new workforce, with a vision in the future, providing them with all the necessary skills.  Within this framework, we give opportunities to new scientists in the field of social sciences, economics and engineering to implement their knowledge and to chase their dreams. Especially, our staff includes more than 5 new entries with high academic level who have developed their skills and expertise through the coaching of our executives.

EEO Group S.A is investing on millennials to create the next generation leaders…

Specifically, the Director of EEO Group S.A Mr. Theodor Grassos has highlighted "Working with Millennials is both challenging and rewarding"...