EEO Group S.A participated in the 2nd Meeting of INSERT in Vienna, Austria


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EEO Group S.A participated in the 2nd Project Meeting of INSERT, which was held at BEST premises on 15th of May. INSERT is an Erasmus+KA2 adult project and it consists in extending and developing the social entrepreneurship competences of educators/professionals working in organizations. Especially, it provides support to migrant populations, in order to assist them in the long-run in promoting social entrepreneurship to low-skilled and low-qualified adults with a migrant background, as an alternative pathway for their self-sustainability.

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During the meeting partners discussed the progress on the project and mainly about the Intellectual Output 1 “Capacity Building course” and the finalization of the training modules content as well as the development of the Intellectual Output 2 “Web based platform for Capacity Building Courses and social learning e-centers”.

EEO is leading the Intellectual Output 3 about the implementation of a comprehensive capacity development methodology of Social Learning. It presented the activities included in this output and the methodology.

In the meeting EEO Group S.A was represented through its Project Manager Maria Moschou

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