On-going Evaluation of the Regional Operational Programme “Western Greece -Peloponnese- Ionian Islands 2007-2013”


The Regional Operational Programme of Western Greece – Peloponnese – Ionian Islands 2007-2013 was one of the 5 Regional Operational Programmes (ROP), which, together with the 8 Sectoral and 12 European Territorial Cooperation Programmes made up the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) for 2007-2013.

The total public budget of the programme was around € 1.14 billion and the Community assistance through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) amounts to € 914 million. The interventions related mainly to transport infrastructure, environment, rural and urban development, culture, entrepreneurship and digital convergence, social infrastructure and services, health and social care.

The objective of this project was to assess the programme’s relevance and the achievements of its objectives during the programming period 2007-2013. The study also analysed the quality of implementation and examined the environmental impacts of the programme.

  • On-going assessment of accuracy and consistency of the strategy of the ROP, including changes in the socioeconomic situation and trends - Impact on the objectives and strategy, validity of the SWOT analysis, assessment of the consistency of the strategy of geographical unit of the ROP DEPIN, evaluation of the contribution of ROP interventions in national and Community policies.
  • Evaluation of the system of qualitative and quantitative targets set by the ROP, and in particular whether the targets set are still up-to date and reliable.
  • Assessment the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation of the ROP: What are the results of the implementation of the ROP and to what extent the qualitative and quantitative targets have been met (Physical integration, Economic integration ETC.). How the quantitative targets have contributed to the realisation of the targets set by the NSRF, etc.
  • Evaluation of the mechanisms to monitor, manage, control and evaluate the interventions of the ROP.
  • Field research: 5 field researches covering a variety of issues/topics and on the basis of specific questionnaires pre-approved by the contracting authority.
  • Recommendations/conclusions: The Consultant will draw up conclusions and recommendations for the improvement of the ROP during the programming period.


  • ROP’s Evaluation Methodology
  • ROP’s Interim Evaluation Report for 2012
  • ROP’s Interim Evaluation Report for 2013
  • Analysis report for the ROP’s Revision
  • Summary report on the contribution of the ROP to the NSRF strategy
  • Quarterly Reports on the Monitoring and Evaluation of the ROP
  • Field researches:
    • Assessing the ROP’s contribution to improving the competitiveness of SMEs
    • Evaluation of the environmental projects of the ROP
    • Evaluation of the iinfrastructure projects of the ROP
    • Research on Sustainable Urban Development
Research for the Infrastructure and Cultural Services in the Region Ionian islands
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