Senior Non Key expert in Jordan

EEO is looking for a Senior Non Key Expert for the Europaid project in Jordan entitled “Technical Assistance to the Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion Programme” with a minimum of 7 years of experience in Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion.

Job Description

Technical Assistance to the Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion Programme, Amman-Jordan

Senior Non Key expert


The indicative list of profiles of the non-key experts for this contract is as follows:

-          Sector policies and strategies;

-          Labour market information system and intermediation

-          Labour market functioning, segmentation and local governance

-          Active labour market measures

-          Public employment service and one stop shops

-          Private sector management and PPP in ETVET

-          Feasibility and tracer studies

-          Business plans

-          Entrepreneurship in ETVET

-          Financing of TVET

-          Social dialogue and partnership in ETVET

-          Quality assurance and accreditation in TVET

-          Legal framework and reforms of ETVET

-          Social inclusion in ETVET

-          Performance measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation in ETVET

-          Teacher/instructor training in ETVET

-          Management training in ETVET

-          Specific industry specialists (for assistance in specifications of equipment for new

-          curricula)

-          Internship/apprenticeship programmes with industry

-          E-teaching and E-learning platforms

-          Social protection services

-          Social assistance services and related activation policies and programmes

-          Communication, social marketing and job fairs

-          Communication, Media and public relations

-          EU procedures and guidelines

-          Interpretation

Senior expert shall have not less than 7 years of experience relevant to his/her assignment

Please send us your tailored CV only in EuropeAid format at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.